Coriolis mass flow meter

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SYS-SMF 1200, Standard precision (0,2% Liquids, 0,5% Gas)

Benefits of Coriolis Flow Measurement

  • Multivariable, simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, and temperature
  • Universal measurement principle for liquids and gases
  • Very high measurement accuracy: typically 0.1-0.2% for liquids, 0.2-0.5% for gases, optional: ±0.05% of measured value (Premium Calibration) independent of the physical fluid or gas properties and flow profile
  • No inlet or outlet runs required
  • Bi-directional measurement capability
  • One of the most accurate flow measurement technologies

Delivery Time

Delivery time is 3-8 weeks. The exception is when options marked with a # are chosen. In this case, the delivery time is 6-12 weeks.